How complementary cold and flu remedies can help children

It’s always distressing to watch your child suffer; even when it’s just a cold. With many parents wary of giving their children too many pharmaceutical drugs, it’s well worth stocking up on a range of complementary treatments for the next time flu strikes your family. There are several alternatives to over-the-counter medicines.


Homeopathy – these treatments are useful to have in reserve, and can be used for adults as well as children. Belladonna–6C is useful for any sudden fever in your family. It has also been said to relieve headaches and sore throats. Pulsatilla-6C should be used in cases with a thick nasal discharge, or minor earaches. Chamomilla-6C is good to have available for digestive problems, and can also be used as part of a pain management routine (especially in regard to teething).


Homemade medicines – consider making your own ‘Vapour Rub’, free of petroleum content. For this, keep eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils handy, and mix them with your favourite base oil for use on the feet and chest. Onion and honey cough medicine is another option for a substitute free of alcohol and additives. Honey and onion both have antibacterial qualities, and onion contains an additional compound that will release tension in the bronchial tubes. To make the medicine, chop onions and cover with organic honey; the following day, strain away the onions and your liquid is ready for use. Honey and cinnamon is another great combination to boost the immune system at the first sign of a cold. Simply mix a teaspoon of each together and take every couple of hours for the duration of the illness.


The power of touch – children never have a need for you more than when they are ill. Clinginess is nature’s way of ensuring the care-giver helps the child through the trauma of being ill. Give your child more kisses and cuddles than ever to enhance their sense of wellness. It is worth practising a ‘healing touch’, placing your hands on the site of pain while resting with the child. Imagine the universal life-force channelling its way through you and into the child. The child will certainly benefit from the heat in your hands, as well as your loving intention.


These are simply a few ideas to help you lessen dependence on over-the-counter medicines. Building your child’s immune system for the long-term is a key concern, therefore it is always best to minimize the use of antibiotics. Natural remedies give a great boost to the whole family’s wellbeing.

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