What is Astragalus and how does it improve your Health?

Astragalus is one of many ancient healing herbs of the East starting to gain favour in the West. Indeed, its potency is accepted to such an extent that even the mainstream medical community is now isolating its compounds for use in prescription medicine. The herb itself is an excellent complementary curative and general wellness tonic worthy of your consideration.

Astragalus contains a special class of polysaccharides, which have an anti-inflammatory effect, regulating circulation and boosting immunity. It is also credited as an anti-oxidant, as well as an ‘adaptogen’, meaning it helps the body respond positively to any abnormality that arises. These qualities make astralagus appropriate for a multitude of applications. The following are its most popular uses:

Recovery from cancer – astragalus stimulates the bone marrow tissue into producing more white blood cells, which greatly strengthens the immunity of those undergoing cancer treatment. Studies in the 1970’s into this issue showed that astragalus meant the difference between life and death for some patients.

Heart disease – Recent studies suggest that astragalus may relieve symptoms of heart disease, due to its strength as an antioxidant.

Anti-ageing – astragalus has been shown to have a strengthening effect on cells and slow the degradation of DNA over time.

Diabetes and blood sugar levels – because astragalus is an ‘adaptogen’ it works to normalise systems that are out of balance in your body. For example, it will work to raise your blood sugar level if it is low, and lower it if it is high. As such, it is an excellent choice of tonic for diabetics.

Seasonal allergies and colds – astragalus is thought to have antibacterial and antiviral qualities which make it a popular choice for the treatment and prevention of colds. A recent study has also highlighted possible benefits in treating hay fever.

Astragalus seems to offer a range of benefits for the immune system. When taken at the appropriate dose (maximum 25g per day) you can expect optimum results. Of course, it is important to have a full holistic appraisal before starting any new course of treatment. You should seek the advice of your doctor or complementary therapist if you decide to embark on a course of treatment using astragalus. There is a possibility of a negative reaction if astralagus is mixed with other herbal treatments or pharmaceuticals. As always, be safe and sure in protecting your wellbeing.

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