Sunday auction for aircraft club

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Dozens of model aircrafts, parts and engines will be on auction at Classic Flyers tomorrow as part of the Tauranga Model Aircraft Club annual fundraising event.


Registration for auction items begin at 8.30am with the auction getting underway at 10am.

The auction has been running for 20 years and the club’s communications officer roger Hutson says the Sunday event is extra special due to the auctioning of a large collection of a deceased estate, including un-opened kits, partially-completed kits, completed kits, engines, old diesel engines and building materials.


“It’s quite special.”


Added to the collection will be aircrafts and parts of all shapes and sizes.


“Some of the larger items will go up for about $1000, but most of them stay around the $100-$150 range.


“People come from all over the North Island and many arrive with carload of aircrafts and engines.”


The event is the major fundraiser for the Tauranga Model Aircraft Club, with funds going towards the development of the club’s site at the TEXT All Terrain Park.


Roger says the runways at the site are built, but there are still many development jobs to be completed.


The auction is being held on Sunday and not Saturday, as published in this week’s Weekend Sun. Sun Media would like to apologise for the mistake.



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