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Time Warner Cable digital customers can celebrate memorable dad moments with our Father Knows Best category now available on Movies on Demand. Watch some of the situations our favorite on-screen fathers find themselves in. Michael Keaton finds himself as the stay at home parent in Mr. Mom. Robin Williams will go to any length to spend time with his kids in Mrs. Doubtfire. Chevy Chase takes family road trip to a new extreme in National Lampoon’s Vacation and Steve Martin does his best to handle his 12 kids and coach the high school football team in Cheaper by the Dozen. The Father Knows Best collection will be available in SD and HD through June 30(th) and includes the following films:



        About A Boy                        Little Miss Sunshine 
        Are We Done Yet?                   Meet the Parents 
        Are We There Yet?                  Mr. Mom 
        Cheaper by the Dozen               Mrs. Doubtfire 
        Field of Dreams                    National Lampoon's Vacation 
        Finding Nemo                       Night at the Museum 
        Imagine That                       Night at the Museum: Battle 
                                           of the Smithsonian 
        Jaws                               Raising Arizona 
        John Q                             Parenthood 
        Kicking and Screaming              Taken 
        Knocked Up                         The Descendants 
        Kramer vs. Kramer                  The Incredibles 
        Lego Movie                         The Pursuit of Happyness 
        Life is Beautiful


Customers can watch any of these films by tuning to the Movies On Demand channel, clicking on “Enjoy Better” and choosing “Father Knows Best”. For more information about Movies On Demand, please visit www.twcondemand.com/EnjoyBetter.


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