Why Holistic Healing is a good Complement to Modern Medicine

If you are really ill, the first thing you do is go to your Doctor or straight to hospital. No-one should doubt the benefits of modern medicine; we are all living longer, healthier lives and the risk of dying from major illnesses has lessened considerably over the years. Modern medicine is excellent at treating the problem, stopping the pain, removing the malfunctioning organ or killing bacteria. In many of these cases modern medicine really saves lives. However, it tends to isolate the problem and treat it, rather than looking at the body as a whole system.

“Holistic Healing” looks at the body as a whole rather than a combination of separate parts. This type of complementary therapy looks at treating the whole body to stop the root cause of an illness. Modern medicine can sometimes be limited to the symptoms of illness rather than the cause. Holistic healing takes a fuller approach by treating the core reason that the illness came along in the first place. This might be something outside of physiology; for example, a traumatic psychological experience can lead to physical illness and this is something that modern physiological medicine does not take into consideration.

Holistic healing is widely used as a preventative medicine, thereby stopping the need for invasive action such as surgery. It is desirable to avoid such invasive methods, as further complications can result.

The following are some of the more popular holistic healing therapies:

Acupuncture – a Chinese therapy which involves healing your body’s energy system and nervous system by putting pins around specific pressure points and nerve endings.

Massage – great for reducing stress, back-pain, toxins and many other problems. Massage helps you increase circulation and releases tense muscles.

Reiki – a Japanese art of energy healing where the healer channels life force into you through their hands. You can expect to experience a feeling of warmth and a great release of tension. Some patients have even reported blissful, enlightening experiences.

Ancient holistic arts of therapy should complement modern medicine to ensure you have the best possibility of all round wellness. There are many more holistic healing arts available to help you improve your wellbeing, simply seek and ye shall find.

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