Football game raises nearly $20000 for Alzheimers

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COLUMBIA (WACH) – The first annual Blondes Versus Brunettes flag football game has taken Columbia by storm.


And though the game seems lighthearted, all the money raised goes straight to a serious cause – the Alzheimers Association.


The money will help fund programs and services the Association offers to those who support loved ones who live with the life-altering disease.


“Most of that money stays right here locally in South Carolina to help. We have a caregiver respite program, we have support groups, we have many services for caregivers of people that are living with Alzheimers. People that are caring for loved ones with Alzheimers disease.” says Alexis Taylor from the Alzheimers Association.


Programs and groups that are much needed here in the Palmetto state.


South Carolina is actually one of the top six states in the nation when it comes to the number of people living with alzheimers.


Eighty thousand people to be exact.


And it’s a fact some of these players know all to well.


“A lot of these girls are playing for someone that they love that either has Alzheimers disease or has passed away with Alzheimers disease. So this is not just a fun game. It is a fun game but they all are playing for a reason. They all have a passion for this cause.” says Alexis.


A passion that can be felt by girls like Brittany Stembridge, whose grandfather is currently living with Alzheimers.


“I’ve noticed that his mind is changing. He’s not as youthful as he once was. So it’s slowly making him a little more dependent. So it’s sad. It really is.” says Brittany.


But Brittany feels better knowing she is part of something that is giving back to those affected by the disease.


And it lifts her spirits to see the entire Midlands community rallying around the cause.


“I have literally met so many people from all over Columbia. People work for the VA. People work everywhere. So I’ve met so many people – so many friends. Even from the blondes (laughs). We’ve made friendships over there also. So it’s really brought Columbia together.” Brittany states.


Together for a cause so worthy is makes an age old rivalry nothing but a game.


The Blondes Versus Brunettes game ended up raising over $19,000 for the Alzheimers Association.


If you’re curious who was victorious in today’s match-up, the Blondes took home the win 27-23.



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