You can take steps to keep pest pets away

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Is it legal for someone to let their dog have full run of the leash while walking, even going onto other people’s yards, almost to their front door, and doing their business? I have asked repeatedly for someone to stop this to no avail.



There is no Georgia law or Hall County or Gainesville ordinance that specifically pertains to this situation, according to Hall County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Deputy Nicole Bailes.



However, that does not mean there is nothing you can do. Bailes said the recommended course of action, considering the information given, is to call the police and have an officer respond if you can identify the owner of the animal. The officer can contact the owner, advise that you don’t want the animal on your property and issue a Hall County criminal trespass notice.



If the behavior continues after the notice, you can come to the magistrate court and file a good behavior bond against the owner, which further states the owner cannot be on your property with the animal. If the order is violated, the owner could potentially be arrested, Bailes said.


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