WATCH: Beautifully Awesome Skate Video Showcases Freestyle Street Skating

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I tried skateboarding once. Then I fell. And that was the extent of my relationship with the sport.


If you’re like me, you’re in awe of the very idea that professional skateboarders can stay up on one of those boards for more than 10 seconds, let alone do any tricks.


Although, I’m clearly no skateboarding scholar, this awesome skate video of pro skater Kilian Martin is beyond the pale. It’s not just impressive — it’s downright beautiful.


Beyond Martin’s increasingly impressive moves, the video, directed by Brett Novak, is just plain artfully made, complete with shimmery music, slow motion shots, and even pretty lighting. It makes you appreciate the oft-overlooked sport of skateboarding.


You may have heard of Kilian Martin if you follow the world of professional skateboarders, but this video of him will be revelation to anyone unfamiliar with him.


According to his website, Martin hails from Spain and was raised as a gymnast, but he’s developed an international reputation as a skater. His reputation is actually thanks to his unique background in gymnastics, as he’s developed his own skating style, expanding street skating to include freestyle methods of skating.


To clarify, I don’t really know what any of that means, but it sounds mighty impressive, so I won’t nitpick. The video, after all, speaks for itself.



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