Letter: Hunters, hikers can both enjoy woods

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To the editor of THE EAGLE:


As a taxpayer and resident of Massachusetts, I applaud the state’s recent effort to allow Sunday archery hunting (“Maintain ban on Sunday hunting,” editorial, June 11.)


While the majority of hunters work Monday through Friday and sometimes Saturday, they often have to travel to neighboring states to hunt on their only day off, bringing revenue with them for food, lodging, permits, and so on.


While I agree the outdoors should be enjoyed by all outdoor enthusiasts, there are certain safety precautions one can take during deer hunting seasons such as safety orange vests and hats, and even a vest for your dog can be bought. A light is a great idea for low light or foggy conditions also. Bow hunters are well aware of what’s around them and who is in the woods, and with their limited reach with an arrow, their targets have to be in close range which helps eliminate the mistaken deer theory. Sunday hunting seems to be a win-win for Massachusetts revenue and hunters alike ‘ maybe even draw some nonresident revenue.


Let’s do our best and work together to help keep our woods safe and enjoyable for all our friends and neighbors.





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