I confess to being selfish

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We compared projects. People were knitting shawls and sweaters and hats. They knit a lot of hats for charity at thee Long Hill Township Library. I had my three current projects with me: Mom’s Vine Yoke Cardigan, Susan’s Linum Tee and my Minty Frappuccino.


I started knitting Mom’s sweater first. I am getting close to the end of the first sleeve, and now I’m wondering if it’s too big. As I recall, when I made the one for me, I actually skipped one or two of the repeats in the sleeves and across the back. I love this pattern, but it tends to run big, and leaving out a few repeats actually enhances the fit, I think.


After a few rows, I put Mom’s sweater aside and started working on the Minty Frappuccino. My excuse was that I have to try the cardigan on Mom and see if I can end the sleeve now. But yes, I admit it, I’m selfish. Also, this sweater is dk/sport yarn on size 5 needles, so it’s stitch-intensive (at least for me) and is going slowly. I need to work on it every chance I can get.


Susan’s sweater didn’t stand a chance yesterday.


The  group knitted from 1 to 3. I was there from about 2 to 3. The library closes at 2, and Arlene admitted that when she organized the event, she didn’t realize the library closes at 2 now. So our knitting wasn’t all that public, but it was fun. I enjoyed reconnecting with some knitters I haven’t seen in a while or ever before, and everybody was very nice.


I wish there was a Knitting in Public event again tomorrow, but I don’t think there is one. And besides, I have to mow the whole lawn. And vacuum and pay bills. I have plenty to do.


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