Irina Viner: Azerbaijan has a very good team

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President of the Russian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation Irina Viner talked to Vestnik Kavkaza about her impressions of the organisation of the European Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship held in Baku these past few days.

The famous coach believes that the organization is great, the hall is splendid and that everything is at a very high level.


“Everything is great and well-organized. I am very thankful to the organizers of the event. Everything is very beautiful. However in Baku it’s always like that – beautiful and at a high level. The media work is also great. All in all, the organization is terrific,” she said.


Irina Viner was especially pleased by the gymnasts’ performance. “The best gymnasts of the world came here. Today’s European championship looks like a world championship,” the president of the Russian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation stressed.


She also noted the success of the Azerbaijani team. “Azerbaijan is now represented by a very good team. They have improved a lot. They have done a really great job. The juniors are amazing, I must say. I really liked what I saw today,” Irina Viner said.


“We are always happy to travel to Baku, as we know that everything will be organized at a very high level, but what we saw today was above all expectations. The hall we performed in was splendid. It could host 9 thousand people, it was beautiful, new and comfortable. The accommodation was also great, the Olympic village where the gymnasts live was wonderful. Everything is great, including transportation etc. Everything is very nice and well-organized,” she said.


The coach also praised the team which took part in the competition. “The teams which performed here are the best in the world because the European teams are always the best. There were 21 teams here. It shows how popular rhythmic gymnastics is. Those teams whom it was expected would be among the first (such as Belarus and Ukraine) failed to win the race. It also proves that the other teams did a great job. Such countries as Italy, Azerbaijan and Israel really earned their medals. I think the next day will be very interesting as well. There will be an individual section and two finals, during which two more medals will be given,” she said.


Irina Viner liked the city as well. “I think I won’t be mistaken if I say that not only me but everyone here believes that Baku is a brilliant city. New modern buildings, which seem natural despite the ancient look of the old city… everything is in tune with everything else. Nothing spoils the impression. Old buildings, Soviet houses and modern constructions – all seem quite natural. The mixture is wonderful. In general, the city is very nice and the most peculiar thing is that there are people everywhere. We went for a walk at 11 o’clock in the evening and the park was full of people. Everyone feels safe, even at night. There’s no other place like Baku in the world,” she said.


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