No quorum for AGM

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THE Lautoka Rugby Union annual general meeting has been postponed because there was no quorum as most club delegates failed to attend the meeting on Saturday.


Union secretary Sakesi Vulakoro was disappointed with the turnout saying club delegates had no interest towards rugby development in the Sugar City.


He said one of the items on the agenda was to discuss the call by some club delegates to sack officials.


Vulakoro said the AGM was the only legal forum to air any grievance regarding the sacking and appointment of new office bearers.


“It’s frustrating to see the low turnout because there have been many allegations against our committee,” he said.


“This is the right forum for club delegates to air their grievances unfortunately there was no quorum because of the low turnout.”


“So there is no reason for these delegates to criticise us because they failed to attend the meeting.”


In the meantime, Vulakoro has urged club officials to pay up their registration fees.


“Only seven out of the 31 clubs have fully paid their registration fees,” he said.


“Club delegates should first clear their registration fees before barking comments on the affairs of Lautoka rugby,” he added.


No date have been set for the next meeting.

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