What if idols were soccer players?

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The World Cup has finally kicked off, attracting billions of fans to stadiums in Brazil. In time with the opening of the games, the “Idol Futsal World Cup Competition” was broadcast nationwide. Idol group members became the topic of the day by showing off skill close to that of the real pro players and their great passion.


(1) FW: Idol soccer icon, Yoon Doo-joon and Minho

SHINee’s Minho and B2ST’s Yoon Doo-joon are idol soccer icons.


Min-ho’s father is Choi Yun-kyum, who played in the K-League for Yukong Elephants. Minho inherited his father’s ability and showed excellent skills. He participated in KBS2 “Our Town’s Physical Variety” and won high praise from Lee Young-pyo, a retired member of the national team. Minho led his team to victory at “Idol Futsal World Cup Competition.”


Yoon Doo-joon played soccer until middle school. He is currently a member of celebrity soccer team FC MEN. He is also a K-league honorary ambassador and has free passes to 22 soccer fields.


(2) MF: Junsu, Luhan, Dongjun, Leo

JYJ’s Junsu is the leader of celebrity soccer team FC MEN. He is also an honorary ambassador for the Incheon Asian Games, saying “Since I like soccer, I want to be part of the anticipation and cheer together”.


EXO’s Luhan scored four goals during the first game in the idol futsal competition and he became known as a new “soccer idol.” He is a man of athletic ability.


ZE:A’s Dongjun learned soccer and gymnastics throughout school. When he was in high school, he was scouted as a soccer player. His athletic ability showed through in the “Idol Star Athletics Championships.”


VIXX’s Leo also showed his exceptional soccer ability. He was a member of the junior national team from 2004-2007. At the idol futsal game, he moved the ball over the field and his team came in second.


(3)DF & GK: Powerful defense, Baro, Xiumin, Seyong, Roh Ji-hoon

B1A4’s Baro is also a main soccer player as well as track star. At 2011’s “Idol Star Athletics Championships,” he received second place in the 100 meter and in 2012, he received first place in the 50 meter.


EXO’s Xiumin is another soccer-lover along with team member Luhan. According to an interview, he said, “I have loved soccer since elementary school and I was called invincible defense.”


My Name’s Seyong is a rising “soccer idol.” He was a former soccer player and even thought soccer was his future.


Roh Ji-hoon was a goalkeeper on the junior national soccer team for about 10 years. He signed up for FC MENS last year, which was a hot topic for a while.



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