World Cup Celebrations

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PANAMA CITY BEACH– Soccer fans all around the world are gathering to cheer on their favorite teams as the World Cup is underway in Brazil.


Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to the American Outlaws!


“The American Outlaws is a group that was founded in 2007 and it started in Nebraska, Lincoln Nebraska with a group there..and its grown to now we’re up to 137 chapters,” Brett McCarty said.


Locally, they meet here at the Fishale Taphouse to cheer on team USA.


“You have to have a sponsor and that’s been the hardest thing for us, we’ve been looking for two years to get a sponsor for us in Panama City…Fishale was the first one that stepped up and said. ‘It doesn’t matter If you have a match at 3 a.m. or at 6 a.m. or whatever.'”


And what do they think of America’s chances against Ghana today?


“We’re GONNA WIN – We’re GONNA WIN! USA we are so pumped up about the game today at 5:00 and we encourage everybody to come out and support us – support the USA.


If excitement and enthusiasm is what it takes to help the U.S. win in the World Cup, then I believe that we will win.


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