New tool packed with information about Lowcountry’s 10 Best Spots for Birding

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With thousands of undeveloped acres in the ACE Basin and Untamed Lowcountry blog to identify the Lowcountry’s 10 Best Spots for Birding. A screenshot of the home page appears above. For the actual interactive graphic, click here.


Intended as a guide for the masses to use and enjoy, we considered locations accessible from a highway and open to the public. The sites range as far north as Grove Plantation in Charleston County; as far south as Fort Pulaski, near Tybee Island, Ga.; and as far west as Webb Wildlife Center in Garnett.


Don’t know how to get to these spots? No worries. The graphic includes a map, accessible on the home page, depicting all 10 locations. A map and directions also is included on the page for each individual site. Among other features for each birding site:


  • • An explanation of what makes the site unique


  • • Trail maps


  • • Photo galleries of birds spotted there, taken by both staff members and Untamed Lowcountry readers


  • • A video that also explains the site’s uniqueness, narrated by an expert — a park manager, ornithologist or knowledgeable Audubon club member


  • • Seasonal bird lists, which provide an accounting of species that are particularly abundant at a particular time of year, or that are uncommon or rare within the region but possible to spot at the particular location


  • • A link to a list of recent sightings posted on the the E-Bird website, putting the most up-to-date information on current conditions at your fingertips


  • • Information about nearby attractions — in some cases, other good birdwatching sites, in other instances, places that are culturally or historically significant


  • • Insider tips that help you get the most out of your visit to each site.


We are confident this is a resource you’ll be able to use again and again. In fact, we’ll give you a reason to come back even if you just want to browse or look at pictures — we’ll update photo galleries often, and we’re already planning to add new sections to highlight other good birdwatching spots in our region.


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