Summer sports programs set to begin

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The school year has ended and the summer has begun, and for children in Connellsville that are looking for ways to burn off energy, the Connellsville Recreation Board’s summer sports programs may be just the thing.


The summer sports programs are a series of annual programs hosted by the Connellsville Recreation Board, and they are a fun way to bring outdoor activities to the youth of the city.


“This gives the kids something to do outside,” Connellsville Recreation Board member Vern Ohler said. “It’s a nice program for the kids, and it’s also a great way to use the parks in the summer.”


The programs were originally slated to begin June 16, but because of the lateness of the school schedule, the board moved the start of the programs to Monday.


“We’re going to start now on June 23, then the program will run for six weeks,” Connellsville Recreation Board member Melissa Tzan said, adding that they take a mid-summer break for the Fourth of July holiday. “We don’t have any of the programs the week of July 4.”


The summer sports programs are geared toward kids from first grade and older. Tzan said the majority of the kids they get for the different programs are of elementary school age.


The programs will give kids the opportunity to play in tennis, golf, flag football, volleyball, wrestling and basketball.


“This is a great way for kids to learn the basics,“ Tzan said. “It’s also a good way for the kids to see if they even like a sport. The sports program also allows parents to see if their kids are interested in a certain sport before they get them involved with a school sports program or put them on a team.”


Swimming and diving were to be added this year, but construction at the Connellsville High School pool area conflicted with the program.


“We are so fortunate that the rec board has continued to offer the sports program over the summer,“ Connellsville Mayor Greg Lincoln said. “We have great sponsors and coaches that make it happen, too. These sports camps serve a dual propose. They offer kids a way to learn how to play sports and they also have an organized safe program for the kids to keep busy over the summer. I hope parents take advantage of this very low-cost sports camp.”


The programs also will utilize several parks in the city, bringing the youth activities to different areas.


“Another nice part of the program is that the camps are held in the parks and many kids can just walk or ride their bikes to the programs,” Tzan said, adding that the programs are all run by instructors and volunteers. “The programs are also a good, safe way to learn these sports that is a little less intense.”


Each program costs $25 per child.


All children participating will receive a T-shirt, and proceeds from the event will go toward the purchase of equipment.


Parents and children interested in the golf program are to check the Connellsville Recreation Board Facebook page to see if the location from Mountz Park has changed due to construction.



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