What is a Medical Intuitive healer?

The biggest area of skepticism in complementary healing is certainly that of energy work and clairvoyance. It is a debate that will never be settled, as you only ever find individual converts. Personal experience alone leads you to accept the reality of psychic or clairvoyant healing. However, it might not seem such a radical idea if we accept that intuition is a natural human capability that we all have, and not something ‘extra’ or ‘special’. Intuitive healers are simply people who have recognised and developed this capacity in themselves.

A Medical Intuitive is exactly this kind of person; a holistic practitioner who works with their intuitive abilities to bring wellbeing to others. Many different types of energy workers could fall into this category. An intuitive may be referred to as a clairvoyant, a medical psychic or an intuitive counselor. Approaching any of these kinds of therapist means you are requesting a holistic treatment based on their extra-sensory skills.

Medical Intuitives can provide a solution that nobody else can give. They scan the body for areas of imbalance that require energetic re-alignment or medical treatment. Many early causes of disease, undetectable by medical science, are discovered in this way. The practitioner does this by viewing the body in their ‘mind’s eye’. They may see shadows over a particular part of the body, or the disease may show itself by a black cloud leaving from a particular area. Though they may have little medical training, it is possible that they can give you valuable early health advice.

A good Medical Intuitive healer will also have some skills in working with energy. If they spot an imbalance in your ‘energy body’ the cause will be emotional, or energetic. In this case, they are likely to apply healing to that area. They will usually hold their hands on or over that part of the body, and then channel the ‘universal life force’ through themselves, and into you. It is an experience that many patients have found to be revolutionary for their emotional wellness.

Most Medical Intuitives are also able to work at a distance – over the telephone or the internet. Because they work with energy, a skilled therapist can access your energy body even when you are apart. By sending their vision and intention to you, they can still heal effectively. Of course, it is wise to check the credentials of any therapist that you approach. Choose somebody who you find trustworthy. It may feel strange the first time you approach this type of healing, but you will certainly find out whether or not it is for you!

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