Myrtle Wagner celebrates first crown with triple treat

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AFTER 54 years of bowls competition, Myrtle Wagner has won her first district title.


She was part of the Tannymorel triples team which also included Margaret Thompson and Veronica Banditt which won the Southern Downs District Ladies Bowls Association triples title for the first time yesterday after a 20-16 victory against the Warwick team of Joy Niven, Dawn McLennan and Judith Cutmore.


“I was really nervous on the last two ends,” Myrtle said.


Down the years, she has rarely played in district competitions as she considered herself not good enough. She won numerous club titles down the years.


“Myrtle and Margaret played really well,” Banditt said.


“Everyone is scared of Myrtle’s ability with the bowls.”


Thompson led her team well and said she liked triples.


For Thompson, it was her first triples title at district level after joining the Tannymorel club 13 years ago when she moved from Victoria.


Banditt has previously won a district pairs title but yesterday was her first triples win.


They beat a team with plenty of finals experience.


The Warwick trio won the same triples competition in 2007 after McLennan and Cutmore had previously combined to win two triples titles with a different third player in each team.


Niven said she enjoyed triples as she liked playing in competitions with three bowls.


“Three gives you a better chance to be close to the jack, you only play with two for pairs and fours.”


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