What are top 5 dietary supplements for women?

With the abundance of complementary advice around these days, it can actually become more difficult to decide what you need to include in your diet. We each have different wellbeing needs and there is no one-size-fits-all where health is concerned. Though different women have differing exact needs, we are able to offer a general list of supplements that have specific application to female wellness.

Dr. Bob Corish gives a ‘Top Five’ list of supplements that is well worth considering when deciding which will play a part in your wellness routine. Each of the following supplements aims to create a balance in women’s health:

Multivitamins – an essential base supplement for any individual, male or female. If you have a convenience lifestyle including fast and processed foods, they are especially appropriate to you. Be sure to choose a good quality brand, and consider products that are developed according to your age or specific stage of life. Young women, pregnant women and menopausal women each have very different nutritional needs.

Omega-3 fatty acids – these valuable fats are usually extracted from fish oil, though flaxseed oil provides a good vegetarian alternative. Omega-3 oil has been proven to reduce cholesterol, improve heart-functioning and counter-act depressive conditions. They have become well-established as a health supplement over the last couple of decades, thanks to their proven effects in aiding joint, cardiovascular and brain health.

Probiotics – the stimulation of ‘good bacteria’ is essential for those lacking in digestive health. Friendly microbes should be encouraged to live in our intestines in order to protect us from toxic elements entering through processed foods and other modern products. Taking a course of probiotics is especially important after antibiotics, as these strip your gut of everything it needs.

Vitamin D – these supplements have particular application to those who don’t receive enough sunlight. Even in the case of those who do, they should be careful about over-exposure to the sun, which can be a cause of skin cancer. The best solution, therefore, is to include a variety of food supplements such as fish, soy, mushrooms and cod liver oil.

Curcumin – this valuable compound is extracted from turmeric, which plays a central part in Chinese, as well as Ayurvedic Medicine. It has a strong anti-inflammatory effect and acts as an antioxidant, which strongly boosts your immune system. It is also thought to act against the causes of cancer, and recent clinical trials have shown very promising results regarding its effectiveness against breast and colon cancers.

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