Nepal records Chinese woman’s victory to Everest despite dispute

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Nepal has recognised the ascent of Mt Everest by a Chinese woman, a sole climber of the world’s highest peak in this year’s spring season, officials said yesterday.


They also said no matter how and in what way the adventurer scaled the peak, the government has recorded her victory which will remain documented forever.


Wang Jing, 40, an entrepreneur from China, conquered Everest on May 23. However, she had been dragged into controversy after some stakeholders in Nepal accused her of using a chopper to scale the peak.


Jing on June 8 admitted she did take a helicopter to fly from the base camp at an altitude of 5,364m to Camp II at 6,400m since the route between was damaged by an avalanche.


“After Jing turned up with proof that she ascended Everest, we have recognised her victory despite the controversy,” Madhusudhan Burlakoti, a high-level official at Nepal’s tourism ministry, told Xinhua over phone.


With the Nepalese government accepting the feat of Jing, she has become the only conqueror of Mount Qomolangma after the country’s mountaineering expedition during this spring season came to an abrupt halt following a deadly avalanche in mountainous region that claimed 16 lives.


Burlakoti, who leads the mountaineering division at the ministry, said that Jing is yet to receive her certificate and added: “We will present her the certificate of her successful victory to Everest whenever she comes.”


The ministry officials also ruled out any possibility of punishing the Chinese woman for violating the mountaineering rule of Nepal by using the chopper in the snowy region, stating that it was the job of Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) to look after the controversy.


Several CAAN high ranking officials said the aviation regulatory body has not proceeded with any investigation into the case.


Nepal normally allows helicopters above Everest base camp located at about 5,400m to rescue climbers in distress or to drop climbing equipment and supplies.


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