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By Martin Robinson


Parents have criticised a primary school after children as young as four took part in an ‘unsavoury’ pole dancing display at a summer fete.


One father who stormed off said ‘lots of people were upset’ after seeing the performance at Crockenhill Primary School near Swanley, in north Kent.


But the owner of Revolutions Pole Academy, who led the display, and the primary school’s headteacher have denied the show was ‘sleazy’ and said any anger is an ‘over-reaction’.


An unnamed father-of-two with children at the school said the display on Sunday was ‘so wrong’. 


He said: ‘A lot of people were upset about it. They were performing a routine to music in inappropriate clothing and they had children doing it and I just thought, “this is so wrong”.


‘One of the ladies that was performing it was wearing a crop top with one of the shoulder sleeves missing – it was quite revealing.


‘The shorts they had on showed more than they should and a lot of people were leaving as a result of it.’


He added: ‘I don’t think it would have been as bad if they had been more appropriately dressed.


‘If it was a leotard, fair enough, but for what they were wearing, and having their faces made up, it just wasn’t right. I felt like I was entering something quite unsavoury.’


Headteacher Sarah Warshow said they had invited Revolutions Pole Academy, based in nearby Hextable, to perform at the school fete.


The youngest performer was four and there was also a solo show from a 12-year-old who performed to Holding Out for a Hero by Bonnie Tyler.


Performances also included a medley of songs from The Lion King, with adults dressed as a warthog and meerkat.


Mrs Warshow said: ‘We had the dance company come along and they were involved in aerial skills and it’s run by someone in our community.


‘There was one performance by the teacher and some by the children. It’s great for the children to keep fit and it’s fun as well.


‘We felt it was good to support it – there’s nothing sleazy about it.’


Revolutions owner Cat Ledbetter said she offers classes for children aged from four and gives children – and adults – excellent physical fitness.


Mrs Ledbetter, who performed to Let it Go from Disney movie Frozen, said: ‘I don’t feel there is anything inappropriate in what was displayed at the fair.


‘The children involved all had a fantastic time and have benefited greatly from their lessons. It’s fun and it’s keeping them fit.


‘It’s a huge over-reaction.The pole workout is one of four or five workouts they do and a staple part of my business.


‘To seperate it and tell them they can’t do it would be putting a stigma on it.


‘I am very sad for the school and it’s quite upsetting for the children to hear these comments.’


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