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In the heart of June, it’s high time we did a piece on Nordic Skiing.


You might think that I’m way too late for this topic, with the trails long since melted and skiers replaced by walkers, joggers and riders.


In these parts that’s pretty accurate, but in Thunder Bay, the Nordic Ski season is about to take off.


I spoke last week with David Askwith of Georgian Bay Nordic who, with a choice of destinations, elected to choose the National Development Centre for Cross Country Skiers at Thunder Bay.


The choice for Askwith, more or less, came down to academics as he can attend Confederation College and study mechanical techniques.


Not that there will be a lot of time to study.


This week, Askwith and his mates at the Development Centre are off to Oregon to train with the National team and from there……..well, it’s a busier schedule than Askwith has experienced before.


In terms of choices, Askwith could have attended a similar Development Centre  in Canmore, Alberta rather than Thunder Bay.


Ironically, if he’s successful at Thunder Bay, he may very well end up in Alberta regardless, as it’s the home of the National Nordic team


I’m Fred Wallace


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