Merriconeag Waldorf School class of 2014

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John Burgess

Parents: Jack and Deeda Burgess of Cumberland. Activities include: Cross country, Nordic skiing, Ultimate Frisbee, French, Cello, Guitar, Bass, Orchestra, Theater, Chorus, Art and Drums.


Burgess will attend St. Michael’s College.



Emma Dolan

Parents: Keith Dolan and Martha Eshoo of York. Activities include: violin, orchestra, Cross Country, Juggling, Chorus, Theater, Art, French, and Animal Tracking.


Dolan will attend Mount Holyoke College.



Jonathan Gross

Parents: Peter and Holly Gross of Brunswick. Activities include: Art, Wind Ensemble, Chorus, Theater, and Motorcycle Restoration.


Gross will attend Wheaton College (Illinois).



Andrew Hastings

Parents: Thomas and Karen Hastings of Brunswick. Activities include: Theater, Chorus, Saxophone, Wind Ensemble, French, Ultimate Frisbee, Art, Piano, Model UN, and Music Composition.


Hastings will take a gap year before selecting a college.



Dana Kuniholm

Parents: Alan Kuniholm and Liane Billings of Portland. Activities include: Saxophone, Wind Ensemble, Guitar, Chorus, Art, Soccer, Basketball, Ultimate Frisbee, Theater, and Longboarding.


Kuniholm will attend St. Michael’s College.



Sam Leavitt

Parents: Mark Leavitt and Martha Carton of Freeport. Activities include: Trumpet, Wind Ensemble, Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, Theater, Chorus, Art, and French, and Guitar.


Leavitt will attend the University of Maine after a gap year.



Joe Newlin

Parents: John Newlin and Patty Carton of Brunswick. Activities include: Basketball, Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, Saxophone, Wind Ensemble, Chorus, Theater, Art, French, Model UN, and Film Editing.


Newlin will attend Oberlin College after a gap year.



Sophia Simmons

Parents: Miles and Leslie Simmons of Brunswick. Activities include: Chorus, Clarinet, Wind Ensemble, Basketball, Theater, French, Model UN, Art, and Dance.


Simmons will attend Smith College.



Carlin Tindall

Parents: Jeff Tindall and Susan Sonntag of Durham. Activities include: Cross Country, Nordic Skiing, Theater, Art, Chorus, Violin, Orchestra, French, Spanish, and Photography.


Tindall will attend Smith College.



Lily Tupper

Parents: Ben and Mariana Tupper of Yarmouth. Activities include: Theater, Chorus, Violin, Orchestra, Cross Country, Nordic Skiing, Art, Irish Step Dance, and Playwriting


Tupper will attend St. Olaf College.


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