Using energy healing as a defence against negative energy

Nowadays we are surrounded by technology. The effects of this include electromagnetic fields from computer equipment, radio waves from wireless internet and high frequency emission from mobile phones to name but a few. Continued and sustained exposure to these electromagnetic fields has been proven to lead to several cancers such as brain tumours, blood cancer and other serious diseases. Today, it is highly recommended that children stay away from mobile phones as the development of their brains is affected by exposure to electromagnetic fields. Also, although telecommunications companies deny the risks, they still offer special equipment to reduce the amount of emissions your brain receives from your mobile phone. You’ve probably had the experience upon finishing a long conversation with someone on your mobile phone to realize the side of your head where you held your phone is warm and sometimes even aches. Common sense suggests that this effect can’t be good for your wellbeing. Add this to the more general negativity and stress in the world and you can easily see the need to protect yourself from outside negativities.

Energy healing offers protection from negativity, and actually reinvests you with positive energy, in order to sustain peace of mind. It is one of the most ancient practices for strengthening and increasing life force energy within your body, mind and spirit. It not only connects you to the Divine; God or what some call ‘universal life force’, but also cleanses your body of negative fields from other people and technological equipment. The more you connect with this energy and channel it through your body, the more comfortable and integral you will feel in dealing with difficult, draining or tiring situations. What’s more, energy healing develops your protective aura, your natural magnetic-field around your body that protects you from outside influence whether it be mobile phone waves or negative thoughts from others.

There are many forms and styles of energy healing; all of them are easy to learn. It just takes concentration, openness to connect to universal healing energy and intention to heal with belief in the power of the mind and the Divine. This complementary health practice has been growing steadily for years and now many people practice it for their own wellbeing as well as to contribute to the wellness of others. In this stressful modern world we need something to combat negative influences. The ancient practice of energy healing is at hand to help you and those around you. In fact, many practitioners claim that developing this positive energy is also good for nature and the evolution of mankind.

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