Broccoli: an enemy to leukaemia and a friend to us

Leukemia is one of the most worrying and life-threatening diseases for young people. Although today most cases of child leukemia recover with the prescription of Methotrexate, the most common form of Leukemia includes a small minority of sufferers who don’t respond well to treatment. This form of leukemia is known as ‘ALL’, and the cases of fatalities caused by it have prompted a surge of research into alternative methods of treatment.

An alternative treatment to Methotrexate is a compound found in Broccoli called Sulforaphane. The theory is that a concentrated amount of this compound could be used to treat children with ‘ALL’. The theory is backed up by research where concentrated Sulforaphane killed cancer cells in a petri dish. Of course, we are far from inducing the same effect within the human body, but it is to be hoped that the stage clinical application is not far away. However, some research shows that Sulforaphane enters cells within the human body and kills off diseased cells without affecting the healthy cells around them.

The fact of the matter is that broccoli has been known for some time to contain cancer fighting nutrients and compounds. Sulforaphane is just one of a number of these, and has proved very successful at killing ‘ALL’ leukemia cells in the laboratory. This news is of great importance to the wellbeing of leukemia sufferers and may well have application for all of us. Scientists say that eating lots of Broccoli is more than just an excellent means of keeping healthy, but may also be effective as a preventative medicine to multiple cancers.

In the future we may see Sulforaphane being synthesised into a pharmaceutical drug to treat children with ‘ALL’ Leukemia who don’t respond well to Methotrexate. In the meantime, why not include plenty of natural and organic broccoli in your diet? It is unarguably an excellent wellness supplement and well worth taking in the hope that it does indeed significantly reduce the risk of cancer.

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