Why Choosing Energy Healing Can Help Improve Your Wellbeing

Energy healing is the practice of utilising natural life-force to heal others. The healer “channels” natural life-force from the divine source of energy through their body and hands into the recipient.  This practice has been going on for thousands of years in almost every ancient culture known to man. Today it exists and thrives in many different forms; faith healing in Christianity, acupressure and Chi therapy in China, Reiki in Japan and spiritual healing conducted by those who go to spiritualist churches. You don’t need to belong to any religion to practice spiritual healing and almost anyone can learn to do it. It simply takes practice, concentration and faith – belief in the power of natural life force to heal and work through us.

If you are thinking about trying an energy healing therapy, here is a description of some of the therapies available to you to help you identify which might be most interesting for you:

Chi Kung – means literally “life force energy work” and originated in China in the distant past. This is a practice you can do by yourself (once you have learnt how to do it!) in the meantime a therapist can give you healing energy through their hands or by acupressure; pressing specific pressure points on your body and channeling energy to you.

Reiki – means “universal life force energy” and originated in Japan in the 1800’s. The phrase was coined by Dr Usui who became known as a guru or healer after a long time meditating in the mountains. During his time of seclusion in the mountains the healing power of Reiki was given to him spontaneously in a vision. Today Reiki is studied and practiced by thousands in the west and is very easy to learn for both self-healing and healing others.

Chakra healing – the word “Chakra” originated in India and is the name given to energy centres within your body associated with specific hormonal glands. The practitioner will work to find which of your Chakras are not functioning properly by using their awareness of life force energy. They will then channel energy to that Chakra to unblock it or stop any energy that might be leaking away.

There are literally hundreds of different types of energy healing therapies available to you; the above is only a brief description of some of the most popular complementary energy healing therapies out there.  A regular healing session can really help your sense of all round wellbeing and certainly contributes to your physical, mental and spiritual wellness.

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