What Are The Health Benefits Of Royal Jelly?

Complementary medicine has a lot to thank the honeybee for. Bee pollen, propolis, royal jelly and of course honey have all turned out to be leading nutritional and curative supplements. Royal Jelly is a nutritional substance secreted by bees in order to feed larvae and adult queens. This nutritional nectar quite literally supports the lives of these miraculous creatures. The benefits of Royal Jelly are not limited to bees, however; its combination of proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins is available to us too, and makes a superb wellness tonic.

Royal Jelly has found favour among health researchers who make big claims for its exceptional nutritional value. Made up of 60-70% water, 12% protein, 12-15% carbohydrates and 5-6% lipid, it also contains a range of vitamin B complexes as well as niacin, pantothenic acid and folic acid. A serving of 500-3,000 mg per day will give optimum wellbeing benefits. Just be sure to choose a product that is ethically farmed and free of additives.

Specific benefits continue to accumulate from research into Royal Jelly. It is an excellent way to lower cholesterol; a claim supported by medical studies where a daily serving of Royal Jelly was seen to reduce cholesterol by several points. Diabetics can also benefit from using Royal Jelly as a supplement. A study conducted in Germany showed a significantly lower blood sugar level in participants after just one 20 gram serving.

Royal Jelly provides some invaluable benefits for women. It has proved to be an excellent aid to female fertility, and is able to contribute to solving ovulatory dysfunction, the main obstacle to conception for some women. Royal Jelly improves the quality of women’s eggs as well as general reproductive health. There is also evidence to suggest that Royal Jelly eases the symptoms of PMS; it has proved helpful in maintaining a hormone balance, thus avoiding the worst effects of mood swings, bloating and fatigue commonly associated with the condition. The best news of all comes in the form of early trials fighting breast cancer. The power of Royal Jelly to create a hormone balance could very well suppress the growth of breast cancer cells; vital news for the 12% of women who eventually confront this disease.

The properties of Royal Jelly are too numerous to be fully listed here. You will find that it is an excellent antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent, as well as having a proven effect in stalling the ageing process. It is well worth looking further into the benefits of this product, and you are sure to find among its many uses an element just perfect for your wellbeing.

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