How You Can Solve Your Problems Through Dream Incubation

Controlled dreaming is becoming an increasingly popular form of alternative therapy that seeks to help resolve problems and reduce stress and anxiety levels. The process can help to produce solutions for problems as a result of the intuitive and emotional mental-space people find themselves in when dreaming – as opposed to when we are conscious and are motivated by rigid and structured thought-processes.


This process is known as, Dream Incubation, and can be achieved in methodical manner and if you follow certain steps:


You should kick-start the process by day-dreaming about your problems – which will encourage your mind to focus on subjects that you wish to dream about. This process can be aided by having a reminder of what you want to dream about on your bedside table – be it an image, something written or other visual clue. In order to transfer your waking thoughts into a dreamscape, it’s also useful to focus on what you want to dream about as you’re drifting off to sleep – so try reciting it to yourself as you drift away. Once you have woken, don’t jump out of bed and try to focus on the dream and what it was likely to mean. Even the smallest details can be significant, so do your best to recall everything that happened, and if possible, write it down.


This technique can take some time to perfect, so if you can’t vividly recall your dreams at first, try not to be disheartened. After a few attempts you will be able to record the specific details of your dreams more successfully – paving the way for a technique known as, Lucid Dreaming – that can provide an even greater control over your dreamscape.


The ability to explore your dream-world will allow you to access your sub-consciousness, leading to a more laterally-thinking mind, which can help to solve problems in a more creative manner.

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