A New Ceremony: Same-Sex Wedding Sensibilities



Your wedding should be the most special day of your life, and you’re going to plan this day down to the very last detail. If you want your big day to be a bit different than everyone else’s, follow some of these tips to add the perfect little flair to your special day.



Try an Unconventional Wedding Registry

If you’ve already cohabitated, you probably have everything you need for your home. If your kitchen utensils rival that of Williams & Sonoma and you have enough guest towels to impress the Queen, you should think outside the box for a fun wedding registry. Are you dedicated vinos? Register for your favorite wines or spirits to stock up your liquor collection. Are you two more of a quirky couple? Register for board or yard games. Don’t be shy about going whole hog and registering for things to fill out your billiard room like a fancy set of pool table balls or even a ping pong table. If your wedding is more intimate, it’s more likely that your guests will go in together on bigger items or give you gift cards to go towards larger purchases. And if you’re the outdoorsy type, register at an outdoor recreation store and put camping, hiking, or mountain biking items on your list.



Don’t Let the Chilly Months Deter You

June is the wedding month, but if you want your special date to fall during some of the colder months, you can have your dream wedding and not have to lump it in with dozens of other summer weddings. Perhaps you’re dreaming of a March ceremony outside but aren’t sure how to prepare for spring showers or a surprise snow storm. You can embrace the outdoors by renting a tent! It will provide shelter to your guests in case of a sudden shower and you can drop the sides to keep guests toasty in case of a snow flurry. Highlight the season with cozy food and drink like hot toddies, a roast-your-own-marshmallow station, or even a hot chocolate bar.



The Gender Neutral Gift Dilemma

It’s not uncommon to have a male in the bridal party or a female in the groom’s party nowadays. If you want to gift your entire party something unique, but can’t exactly give the bridal party matching necklaces for the ceremony, opt for gifts that are gender neutral but still pretty darn awesome. Have custom made glassware made for each member of the party. You can opt for vases, beer mugs, or even wine glasses. Create something that matches each individual with colors, engravings, or funky shapes. Go to a wine brewing company and create your own bottle of wine and give those to your party members. If you live in an area that loves craft beer, choose a local beer that matches your season or pairs well with your reception dinner. Have a special keg of your personal beer as well as a six pack to send home with each party member.



Have a Blast in Vegas

Not quite sure if you want to have the whole formal wedding? Jet off to wild Las Vegas and have a fun wedding in one of the world’s most interesting cities. Many Vegas wedding chapels offer gay wedding ceremony packages that cater to you whether you want a very simple elopement package or a more extravagant wedding ceremony. Have your posed pictures taken in front of the dancing Bellagio fountains or in the super cool atmosphere of the Hard Rock Cafe. The wedding planners will help you get tickets to some of Vegas’ best shows all the way to planning out a full bar at your wedding reception.


Your wedding can be as traditional or as kitschy as you want it to be. It’s your day, so let your imagination run wild and let your planning mirror the things you and your soon to be spouse adore most.


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