Avoid Awkward Silence On The First Date

If you’re heading out on a first date, chances are you’re feeling slightly apprehensive. And one major concern for anyone meeting a potential love interest for the first time is whether you’ll have things to talk about. Well, we can’t guarantee love at first sight but we can give you some tips to avoid those awkward silences:

Be in the know

Knowing what’s going on in the world gives you a great bank of topics to talk about. And it will make you look intelligent at the same time! It also helps you avoid those awkward moments when your date asks for your opinion on a topical subject and you’ve no idea what they are talking about. Don’t worry about becoming an overnight expert in topical affairs or politics; simply being aware of the day’s headlines can get you through most conversations.

Plan ahead

You’ve planned your outfit, decided where to go and formed an escape plan in case the date goes horribly wrong. But why not take your planning a step further by thinking of three or four topics of conversation to help break the ice. Questions such as “What’s the best place you’ve ever been on holiday?” or “What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?” can help start fun discussions.

Choose a lively environment

The venue for your first date can help enormously when it comes to finding things to talk about. A quiet or formal restaurant might make conversation more awkward whereas a vibrant bar where people are coming and going will give you more to talk about.
Above all, relax. Nerves can often make your brain seize up when it comes to conversation so try to relax and you’ll find it easier to chat.

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