Why Has Synchronised Swimming Become A Fitness Craze?

We all know the benefits of swimming, but have you ever considered adding synchronised swimming to your repertoire? It seems that many have, with this surprising trend becoming popular among fitness fanatics and health enthusiasts. While it may seem like an easy and relaxing way to spend an afternoon, don’t be so quick to judge – this is a tough workout. You may associate it with 1940s movies and vintage swim caps, but there’s more to this form of exercise than simply looking the part. If Aqualillies have anything to say on the matter, a stylish LA based performance troupe, you’ll soon realise the amazing opportunities this exercise offers for your body. Hard-core athletes as they are, there is a requirement to not only be a good swimmer but also to have the stamina to keep up – this is an intense few hours that’s giving many people food for thought when it comes to effective toning exercises. So what has made synchronised swimming so popular in recent years?

Synchronised swimming is experiencing a modern reinvention, with celebrities taking it up and raving about the toning effects it has on the body. This is swimming with the volume turned up, and it’s sweeping the globe. Naturally, this is an art to be mastered, but for beginners and those hoping to learn the skill there is the chance to pick up the basics and see results in the flesh. A 75 minute class begins with poolside stretching followed by a four lap warm-up – and that’s just for starters. The tools of the trade are the classic swim cap, along with a nose plug and goggles. Then you move on to the routine itself, where you’ll practice an intense synchronised regime with your fellow pool-mates. As you swim to the music, the moves will be broken down for ease of learning. Everything from dipping under the water to sweeping arm movements is included, so you’ll get a really great workout in the pool. Movements such as ‘The Eggbeater’ support your torso while you’re out of the water so that you can make the elegant arm movements, which means treading water whilst cranking your legs in opposite directions.


Swimming is one of the few exercises which offers every muscle in your body the chance for a workout – it’s cheap, fun and a great overall tone-up. But with synchronised swimming, you get the added bonus that you get to meet people and learn a new skill in the process. With this trend becoming more and more popular among celebrities, not just for its kitsch factor but also the amazing effects it has on the body, there are classes popping up all over the country. Obviously, there are some prerequisites – a fairly good level of swimming, for example, helps. But for any water lovers who like to take a dip in the pool from time to time, this is a seriously good workout that not only improves your muscle tone but also gets your heart rate up. Studies show that people who find a workout they enjoy are more likely to stick to it, and this is a really fun way to burn calories each week. After the class, you’ll no doubt be a little achey for a few days, but you’ll find yourself eager to get back in the pool to pick up a new routine and hone your elegant swimming skills – a sophisticated way to shift the extra pounds and create a sleek body.

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