Could Cutting Out Alcohol Help You to Lose Weight?

Weight loss and fitness are important topics for discussion. Everyone wants to know the latest tricks for improving wellness and wellbeing, and there is always a diet trend, exotic fruit which is rumoured to speed up metabolism, magic shakes that are meant to make you less hungry or even which weight loss supplements are trendy.


Whilst these things all do exist, the big question is what happens to the body after you stop these kind of fad diets and trends; the answer is, the weight piles back on.


One of the true pillars of losing weight is eating real food. That means fresh fruit, seeds, vegetables, nuts and organic or free range animal products.


Giving up alcohol is also really key for weight loss. If you want to lose weight, you absolutely have to do it – just for a little while. Try to stay off alcohol for a month, and see what happens. When you drink, your body has to burn it off straight away, which means that any food that you eat is stored so that you can burn off the alcohol instead. Going out for a meal is the worst scenario, as you are eating and drinking at the same time.


On top of that, you want your liver to be in great condition for weight los, as it is an important part of fat emulsification. If your liver is not working, then it is much harder for your body to break down and get rid of fats.


Sunshine and happiness are also vital ingredients of weight loss. Getting some sunshine helps to boost your vitamin Dlevels, and this, in turn, boosts your metabolism. Making sure that you are happy also helps to guard against comfort eating on unhealthy foods like carbohydrates and sugars.

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