How to Push Your Workout Intensity up to Another Level

If you’ve been trying to improve your fitness by visiting a gym recently, you may be envious of those who stroll about the gym in fantastic physical shape, seemingly without a care in the world. You are there to improve your wellness and wellbeing, but of course you also want to physically improve the way that you look.


It takes a lot of hard work to get into good shape, and you need to be following a diet and fitness programme.


First of all – and it may sound like an odd tip to start with – but remember to take some rest. Don’t use this as an excuse to take too many days off, as you do need to put in some serious hard work, but it is important that you give your body a chance to recover from the intensity of your workout. Muscles need a chance to grow in between sessions, for a start, and if you burn out, you will grow tired of your routine very quickly. Six days of intense, calorie burning and one day of fun and rest is about the right balance.


You should also try not to spend too much time in the gym – get in, do your workout and get out again. Put your heart and soul into the workout and don’t worry about anything else. If you do a high intensity interval training session, it should only take up about 20 minutes per day, but those 20 minutes should be intense. Avoid the distractions that a gym can offer and walk out of the door afterwards as soon as possible.


Make sure that you spice things up, too, as if you keep doing the same workout every day it will quickly become boring. You will stop seeing results if you do the same exercises over and over again.

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