Doing the Math: What Medical Jobs are really worth it?



There are many medical jobs that are worth the money, but there are other medical jobs that are not worth the time or education at all. You must make sure you go into a field of medicine that pays you well, based on the amount of schooling required. If you’re thinking about going into healthcare, here are a few options and if they are worth the time you put in.



Work In A Lab

When you are working in a lab, you are backed by a large corporation that can afford to pay you. After you earn a clinical laboratory science degree, you could work in the medical field doing research for drugs or diseases. You will have a solid salary that the corporation can afford to pay, and you will not have to worry about billing insurance companies. This is one job where you won’t get your hands dirty too much, but get the paycheck worth the hours.



When you want to get into medicine, you may want to consider becoming a dentist. A dentist has very little overhead compared to other medical offices, and you will not have to spend extra time in residency after dental school. Most people can open their own office as a dentist by the time they are 27 or 28, while most doctors will still be in residency past that age. You can hire a small staff, and run your dental practice until you retire and spend little time worrying about money.



When people are trying to take care of their kids, they tend to be vigilant about everything that happens. You can earn a good deal of money when you are running a pediatric office, and you will get to know kids as they grow up.
If you do the job long enough, you will have people come in with children to see you, and hopefully later on their kid’s kids come as well. You will make plenty of money since pediatric office is uncomplicated, and you will get to know a broad community of people.




If you want to become a surgeon, you will spend a long time in school learning all the skills you need to know, but you will also get paid well for those skills. Surgeons are paid better than anybody else in a hospital, and you will be able to keep your calendar full with surgeries. This full calendar is going to help you earn a large amount of money that you can retire on early.



When you choose the medical jobs above, they will pay you well. And you will be able to retire comfortably because you were not in a low-paying job, trying to pay off massive student debts.


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