Surprise Her in Style: Classy Gifts for Your Girl


If you have a classy woman in your life, gift giving might be a bit trickier than normal. Just any old bottle of perfume or a cardigan won’t do; they need something special. Class up your gift giving this season and feel a bit more uppercrust as you do so.



Class Up Her Entertaining

Every classy lady is practically a Martha Stewart expert, and her beautiful dinner parties reflect that. Want to get that woman who throws the best darn parties you’ve ever attended? Try some fancy linen napkins to dress up her table settings. Uncommon Goods has a set of love letter napkins. Printed on each napkin are actual love letters written by some of the world’s greatest writers like Mark Twain and Emily Dickinson. Don’t be surprised if you see guests tearing up over dinner; they’re probably reading the heartfelt musings between courses.



Add Some Culture to Her Coffee Table

If this classy lady loves to travel and she brings that into her home, some eye catching coffee table books could be just the gift for her. Find a tome of brilliant pictures of Paris in spring or a black and white book that’s filled with nature landscapes from across the country. Kitschy books like “A History of the World in 100 Objects” or “Famous Frocks” are sure to spike conversation when she has friends over for tea.



Add to Her Bar Without Another Bottle of Wine

She’s probably sick to death of bottles of wine, so why not add to her liquor collection with a fancy wine glass set? Nothing says class like a crystal hourglass wine glass set to store her favorite Cabernet (classy ladies love to sip on that red nectar). Glass sets from Crystalizeonline will make her bar cart look especially civilized, and it will make her feel a bit fancy at the end of a long day.



Give Her a Fancy Place to Put Junk

Even the classiest of women have assorted junk. One thing she does not have, however, is a place to put that junk. A customized “catch all” tray is an elegant place for her to toss her keys, bills, or jewelry at the end of the day without creating clutter. Red Envelope has a porcelain catch all that can be customized with your own words and allows you to pick one of three colors. Eliminate her early morning rush to find her keys and give her foyer an understated elegance.



Don’t be intimidated by the women in your life. Classy, thoughtful gifts are just the thing to impress every woman you love.


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