Pre And Post Nutrition Work Outs For Kids



It is common knowledge that active kids are usually healthier than those who spend most of their times indoors. In short, you should ensure that your kids participate in outdoor activities like cycling, soccer, running and other sports. This not only promotes socialization but it also makes them healthier and reduces the risk of contracting medical conditions like obesity, hypertension, asthma and cardiac problems. During play, kids usually encounter problems that they have to solve without the need of an adult. By doing this children get skills that they can use to solve skills in their adult life. Food provides energy that is used when playing. Lack of proper diet causes nausea, dizziness, shortness of breath and muscle cramps. The following tips will offer you the best advice about pre and post nutrition work out tips that your kids should follow:



Before The Work Out


· It is highly advisable that you ensure that your kids eat something small before they work out. However, they should play when on a full stomach since this causes sluggishness, nausea and muscle cramps. After eating most of your blood supply goes to the digestive system. This reduces the amount of oxygen that reaches your muscles causing cramps and dizziness.

· Prior to working out your children should eat a diet that has proteins, carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables. Your child should eat three to four hours before playing or working out. Food takes around three hours to be digested. In essence, energy is provided only by food that is digested and not food that is in the stomach.

· Before working out your child should have a light snack. This provides energy that is needed during the work out.

· When playing the body loses water by sweating. Dehydration causes dizziness, nausea and collapsing in extreme situations. To avoid this child should have a water bottle when playing.

· One of the best ways of hydrating your body is by drinking natural fruit juice. Fruit juice provides water to your body and has vitamins that are needed by the body when working out.



After Working Out


· After working out your body, muscles are strained and deprived of energy. Your child’s post work out nutrition should provide energy and rejuvenate the muscles after exercising.

· You should give your kid a glass of milk or a protein snack. Milk has proteins, vitamins and minerals that recuperate your muscles and repairs worn out body cells.

· One hour after exercising your child should eat carbohydrates, vitamins and proteins. This ensures that your child gets back the energy that was used up when playing or working out. This helps your kid to recover quickly.

· Minerals strengthen the bones and teeth. Strong bones increase stamina and reduce the risk of getting injuries when playing or working out. Proteins repair worn out body cells and also helps you’re your body to recover quickly from diseases and injuries.

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