Becoming more employable – get to know the world of business



In today’s world, having a degree in any area does not necessarily mean that you will get a job in that particular industry after you graduate. If you want to put yourself out there on the market, you have to acquire some extra skills. Here are a few tips on how to get to know the world of business and to become more employable.



Even though English is widely used today, you never know who your business partners may be and what language you will need tomorrow. So, it is best to take up a language course. I suggest Mandarin Chinese, German, Spanish, French and Russian, since these are the languages which are the most widely spoken in the world. Do not let yourself to be discouraged if you do not reach level C1 or higher – one day, a simple greeting in your client’s or partner’s mother tongue may be the key moment of signing an agreement.


Giving Presentations

The world of business is all about data – and data must be collected, calculated and presented in order to make sense and to make conclusions. Thus, you have to learn how to give brief, effective and concise presentations which will help your business grow.


Communication Skills

In order to sell a product or a service, which is at the core of any business, you have to have acquired communication skills. If you do not know how to persuade the interested party or a potential client, then you lose money. If you make promises, then you must keep them. If you are selling something, then make it attractive and affordable.


Business and Administration Courses

Every business stands on the shoulders of its administrative workers. Administration is a special area and you have to be or have an expert, so the main thing is to acquire knowledge and implement it in practice. The best thing is to take up administration courses if you do not have much time. They will show you how to make balance between the business needs and the legal requirements you have to comply with in order to keep the inflow constant. It is also important that you continue to learn and keep on improving your business skills once you get employed.



On the other hand, if you do have time, and you have some experience behind you, my advice is to get yourself an MBA. Masters of Business Administration need not have a BA in that area, but they must have some business experience. Experts say that most of the things you have seen in practice you will get to see in theory, and the areas you have frequently made mistakes in will be much clearer after a formal business education.


Lifelong Learning

In the end, you must remember that, like in any field of expertise, you have to work on yourself and keep on learning if you want to be successful. That does not have to imply formal education; it usually implies getting a book in an area and mastering it, in order to implement it in practice. Nobody will help you unless you help yourself first.


After having all these things completed, you will be a perfect material for employment and, someday, employee of the month.


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