Four Steps to Take for a Healthier Home Environment

Nowadays, people are more concerned about their health than ever before. It may surprise many people to find out how many things around their homes could potentially have a negative impact on their health. Things that we come into contact with regularly and use to live our daily lives could actually be hurting us. Let’s take a look at some simple things you can do to make your home a healthier environment for you and your family:

Dust Regularly
The dust that is around your house could potentially aggravate the allergies of the people living there if it is allowed to build up over a period of time. Dust can also contain various hazardous chemicals such as pesticides, fire retardants and lead. While it may be hard to believe, chemicals can become part of your house dust, even if they have not been used in your home for several decades. The most effective way to eliminate this dust is to remove your carpeting because allergens and dust can be easily collected by it. Replace it with non-vinyl linoleum, tile, cork or wood flooring.

Get Your Home Tested
Radon and lead paint are both serious dangers that should not be ignored. Brain damage and birth defects have been known to be caused by exposure to lead paint. Radon is a gas that is radioactive and causes cancer. When lead paint starts to disintegrate, the chips turn into dust, which in turn goes into the air. People living in the house breathe in this lead paint dust and this is how they are exposed. Radon gas comes from rock and soil breaking down under a house. This is why having your home tested for dangerous substances is of the utmost importance. According to a home safety tester, you can have a paint chip test performed by a lab for about thirty dollars. Radon test kits can be bought for about twenty dollars, and are well worth the cost for the safety and peace of mind they offer.

Don’t use Pesticides
Instead of using harmful chemicals to kill pests, use baited mousetraps, glue traps and other items that will not harm you. You should also wash dishes, tables and counter surfaces of any food debris to prevent attracting bugs.

Use a Water Filter
Even if you live in an area that supposedly has healthy drinking water, there could still be toxic chemicals in trace amounts. A filter will help you avoid them. If you suspect your tap water is unsafe to drink, an expert from Kamloops Septic Service advises discontinuing its use and having it tested immediately. Ensuring that you and your family consume only clean water is crucial to creating a healthier home environment.

These are just a handful of ways to make your home healthier. With some research, you can find other methods of controlling your home environment to keep you and your family healthy for many years to come.

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