The Professional’s Guide to an Office Romance

Recent surveys suggest that as many as one in three British people have had a romantic relationship with a colleague. And as we work longer hours in the office, there is little wonder that when it comes to finding romance, many of us seek it at work. After all, you already have something in common with your workmates and there’s plenty of opportunity to spend time together.

Although workplace relationships might be frowned upon by bosses and business owners, many office romances lead to successful long-term relationships so if you are looking for love don’t rule out your workmates. But if you are planning a relationship with a colleague, it’s vitally important to manage things properly. If not, you could not only lose your love but your job as well. Here are some ways to have a successful workplace relationship without jeopardising your career prospects:

  • Stay professional, don’t use pet names at work and avoid being overly affectionate in front of your colleagues.
  • Keep work and home separate – don’t gossip about your partner with your work friends and don’t talk about your teammates at home.
  • Don’t use office email to plan your personal life – many companies monitor company emails.
  • Know what the company policy is – will you still be allowed to work together if you are in a relationship? If it’s true love, you might not mind giving up your position for the sake of your partner but if it’s just a casual fling, it might not be worth it.
  • Consider what you will do if the relationship breaks down. Will you find it uncomfortable working together?

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