Making a Long-distance Relationship Work

Long-distance relationships are more common than ever. No longer is it the norm for people to automatically settle down with their childhood sweetheart or marry someone from their home town. Instead people now meet at university, on holiday, or even online. Whatever the circumstances, if you are in a long-distance relationship, you’re not alone.

You may receive negative comments from friends and family about making your long-distance love last but with a little extra effort, there is no reason your relationship can’t work. In fact, a study published in the Journal of Communication discovered that couples who lived further apart may actually be emotionally closer to their partners than those who lived nearer to one another.

One important step to making a long-distance relationship work is for both people to be clear about their expectations and long-term goals. Have a conversation early in your relationship to agree the logistics. For example, will you try and see each other once a week or once a month? Will you catch up by phone or email every day? How long is the long-distance arrangement likely to continue for – do you both eventually plan to move closer together?

Even if you live far apart, it’s good for partners to have shared interests. Perhaps read the same book at the same time, or go see the same film at the cinema – little things like these will help you feel connected. And of course, make the most of the precious time you do get to spend with each other but don’t put high expectations that every weekend together has to be a whirlwind of romance.

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