Bright, Shiny Smile: 4 Tricks to a Smile That Stuns

No matter where you go in the world, having a nice smile helps to make people like you. You do not need to lose weight or gain muscle to have a smile that looks fantastic in photographs or in person. Having a welcoming smile can improve your chances of success at work or school.

One: Facial Lip Care
A beautiful smile includes many elements, including the condition of your facial lips. Dry and peeling skin on lips is definitely unattractive on both men and women, but there are things you can do about this condition. Drink more water to keep skin hydrated while avoiding constantly licking your lips to prevent additional dryness. Invest in a specialized facial lip emollient to use several times a day to protect the sensitive skin from the sun and wind.

Two: Never Smoke Cigarettes
Not only is smoking cigarettes dangerous for your lung and heart health, it is also stains your teeth. Smokers often develop tobacco stains on their dental enamel that are difficult to remove with daily brushing. In addition, the action of holding a cigarette in the mouth requires puckering the lips, leading to ugly wrinkles that make you look older. If you have discolored teeth, then consider at-home or professional teeth whitening to improve a smile.

Three: Orthodontic Treatment
If your teeth are crooked or have wide gaps, then visiting a Mar Orthodontics specialist for professional dental care is essential. Straightening teeth today is simple with a wide variety of braces available such as clear plastic aligners or lingual devices. With modern digital technology available to create orthodontic devices, people do not need to wear braces for several years to have an improvement of their smile that leads to higher self-esteem.

Four: Use a Mirror to Practice
Models and actors practice a variety of smiles in front of a mirror to find one appropriate for any occasion. The very best smiles involve the entire face, including the eyes. You might want to have a small smile for photographs and a larger smile when meeting someone new. Ask friends to critique your smile after attending a party to learn if it looks bright and happy.

Smiling Can Improve Health
Scientists believe that smiling more helps to improve your mental mood. As someone smiles, their body releases chemicals into the bloodstream that reduces feelings of malaise and depression. An attractive smile leads to more social interaction too, leading to more feelings of happiness.

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