What Are The Nutritional Benefits Of Nuts?

All this confusion about which nuts are good for you and whether or not some can be bad for your health can drive us nuts! If you are seeking quality information about nuts and their health qualities then read on, as this information will be very useful for you.


The University of Otago in New Zealand found that nuts actually reduce cholesterol, which could otherwise contribute to heart disease and other ailments. Nuts are also a source of protein, unsaturated fats and fibre; all essential for your wellbeing. It is preferable to eat a wide variety of nuts and to include 40-60 grams per day in your diet. The following nuts contain multiple wellness benefits:


Pine nuts  the main ingredient of pesto, pine nuts are rich in vitamins A, C and D, as well as a range of important fats.

Almonds – high in quantities of vitamin E and selenium, and known for improving immunity and general health, almonds also contain nearly the same proportion of calcium as milk.

Macadamias – containing potassium, magnesium and beneficial fatty acids, macadamias are little known and less available than other nuts, but still worth eating on a daily basis if you can find them.

Peanuts – the best known nuts for rehydrating after drinking a few beers in the pub, peanuts are extremely rich in protein and B vitamins. They also contain a valuable source of potassium.

Brazil nuts –  a favourite in theUK, especially over the Christmas period.  There is good reason for this as selenium, among other things, is known for improving the mood when there is less sunlight – perfect for those winter months.


As you can see, nuts have a wide variety of wellbeing benefits and are excellent complementary foods for your daily diet. Keep eating a variety of nuts on a daily basis as this is sure to contribute to your long term wellness.

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