Research Shows That Magic Mushrooms Can Reduce Anxiety

Preliminary scientific evidence shows that magic mushrooms really are magic! The active ingredient in psilocybe mushrooms, 4-phosphoryloxy-N, N-dimethyltryptamine, has been shown to reduce the amount of activity in the brain associated with identity and consciousness. It is this brain function that is hyperactive when you have depression. This ground-breaking evidence was found when researchers at the University College London scanned the brains of 30 people who had taken magic mushrooms with an MRI (Magnetic-Resonance-Imaging) machine.


Additionally, when 10 cancer patients took magic mushrooms they found for several weeks after taking them that their emotional wellbeing was much improved and their anxiety greatly reduced. What’s more, the active ingredients in magic mushrooms, known for hallucinatory qualities, help you to positively visualise past memories and can actively release you from negative thought patterns, replacing them with positive emotional feelings and visualisations.


Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris who was involved in the research at University College London said that this was encouraging news for the treatment of depression and worthy of further investigation. An important point to add here is that magic mushrooms are in no way recommended recreationally as there are many factors involved in regard to a positive or negative outcome of your “trip”. The people you have the experience with, the place you do it in and your state of mind at the time all have a significant effect on your experience. While most report positive effects from taking mushrooms, a minority have the predisposition of a serious mental illness that can be triggered by it. It is wise to stay way away from these strong mind-altering substances, unless under the guidance of a qualified medical practitioner.


This research shows interesting results, however, magic mushrooms are a long way from being included in modern medicines’ complementary health cupboard. This remains the case even though shamans and pagans have been using them for spiritual practice and wellbeing purposes for thousands of years. Overall, it is fair to say that it is better to practice something far less risky to the mind, such as meditation and yoga, for the sake of your all-round wellness.

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