Effects of Teen Drinking and How to Protect Your Kids

Drinking is known to induce a wide variety of damaging effects, and the hazards are much worse when consumption occurs during the formative teenage years. This overview explores how alcohol can permanently derail the lives of young people, and how you can help keep your teen on the right track.

Stunted Development
The body experiences a lot of gradual growth during adolescence, but alcohol can cause hormones to go haywire. This means many early drinkers fail to reach full physical maturity. Stunted growth and developmental problems are just some of the consequences.

Drunk Driving
Teenagers are involved with a substantial amount of fatal drunk driving incidents. In fact, 40% of drinking deaths on the road are caused by drivers under 20-years old. This is primarily because young people have a harder time gauging their own sobriety. Adolescence also instills an exaggerated sense of confidence. Overall, this is an exceedingly dangerous combination. A Columbus DUI Attorney says to instill in your kids the dangers and consequences associated with drunk driving. Make sure they know what’s at stake.

Risk Taking
Alcohol dampens critical thinking skills and reduces situational awareness. In tandem, this mixture results in decreased impulse control, and the outcome is a tendency to partake in risky activities that would otherwise be avoided. These poor behaviors include drug use, promiscuity, and violence. Long-term consequences

Legal Issues & Financial Difficulties
Those who start drinking at a young age, are much more likely to have run-ins with law enforcement. There are endless charges that can be filed against intoxicated teenagers. Two of the most common crimes reported include flagging minors for possession and contributing to underage delinquency. Teens should be made aware of what legal troubles they can face with underage drinking. DUIs can also become a major obstacle in the way of a fulfilling life. Driving privileges can be revoked, and legal restitution requires thousands of dollars. Incarceration may also be mandated, which can ruin one’s record for life.

What Parents Can Do
It is important for moms and dads to take an active role in preventing teenage alcohol consumption. The easiest way to accomplish this is by openly talking about the dangers with a policy of pure honesty. Additionally, it is smart to be a progressive role model through setting positive examples. You don’t have to have a complete ban on the substance, but make sure they know what will and will not be tolerated, and that when they reach 21 they can drink legally.

In the end, it is up to guardians to stop teens from drinking once and for all!


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