The Ancient Mystery Of Frankincense & Its Health Benefits

Frankincense has been known for millennia as an excellent healing herb. It is no co-incidence that one of the three kings gave frankincense to Jesus Christ shortly after he was born. Frankincense was known well before Jesus was born as an essence that is used to clear and purify the mind before, during and after religious practice and is still used today in churches before ceremonies begin. It was known to stimulate and focus the mind; an important state of mind to create before any ceremony.


Frankincense was also known for its ability to help purify the body and has been used in tincture form in baths, water cleansing ceremonies and in massage for thousands of years. The ancient arts in which frankincense was used originated in Africa, extending out to Persia, where the three kings were said to have come from in the Bible.


Recent research brings exciting news about how frankincense can help to suppress cancer. In a study from Oklahoma State University, frankincense oil was found to suppress human prostate cancer in the laboratory. In another study from the University of Texas, frankincense was shown to suppress the development of human pancreatic cancer in mouse models. Such promising results lend optimism to cancer researchers around the globe.


The ancients never knew the actual scientific benefits found in frankincense, but they somehow sensed its healing properties, which is one of many great mysteries of ancient civilizations. The fact remains that frankincense is used even today for cleansing in ceremonies, the ancients used it for massage to heal the body and mind and now modern science shows it may prevent cancers from growing and developing. This is excellent news for those who trust in herbal medicine as an excellent means of improving wellbeing and also a tribute to the ancients who knew so much more than we do. In many ways it seems we are just beginning to catch up with the ancients in understanding our holistic wellness. Try frankincense now to cleanse and purify your body, mind and spirit. You can burn Frankincense sticks, apply Frankincense oil to your massage oil or drop it in a soothing bath to focus and purify the mind.

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