How To Bond With Your Root Chakra

The root chakra is a common site of blockage for many of us these days. The root chakra is the base of your whole system and presents the first ‘energy wheel’ necessary for a solid base of wellbeing. Situated at the bottom of your spine, it is the portal through which you connect to earth energy. As such, it is the place most associated with primal needs such as food and shelter. In the modern day context this can show itself as obsessive concern over money and security. As the root chakra is the rudder for a sense of direction in life, those with a blockage in this area may feel lost and unable to commit to projects and other people.

Several effective complementary therapies seek to restore balance to the chakra system and are able to isolate areas of need and restore wellness there. Of these, the most beneficial therapy that you can perform by yourself is yoga. Many postures, or asanas, work to ground you and when practiced as part of a daily morning ritual can give you a sense of solidity for the rest of the day. Two of yoga’s staple asanas – Mountain Pose and Warrior I are perfect for this purpose.

Mountain Pose, known in Sanskrit as Tadasana, is the archetypal grounding pose. You might even say that as the starting position of the Sun Salutation it is the ultimate rooting posture, from which others are built. To practice this pose, stand squarely with your feet together. Establish yourself by raising up on tiptoes, and then lifting your toes from the floor. Sway gently from side to side as you find your centre of gravity. Come to a place of stillness and meditate on the four corners of your feet, rooting you squarely to the earth. Ensure your spine is very straight and suck in your navel to elongate it further. Breathe deeply through your nose and visualize a stream of energy flowing from the earth all the way up your straight spine and through the crown of your head. Imagine yourself bonded around an iron-strength rod of earth energy.

From Mountain Pose it is easy to transition to Warrior I. Step one foot about three feet behind you, in a direct straight line from your front foot. Turn the back foot to 45 degrees and ensure that the entire sole stays rooted to the ground. Exhale and bend your front knee. The optimum position is for your knee to stack directly above your ankle, so that lower and upper portions of your leg form a right angle. Ensure your hips are facing squarely forward and your back leg is straight. Slowly raise your arms above your head in prayer position, while maintaining your balance. Breathe deeply and keep your focus on the soles of your feet, rooting ever-more strongly to the floor. As you breathe, visualize earth energy rising up into the soles of your feet and travelling to the root chakra, which starts to spin as it receives the strong flow of earth energy.

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