Why Splash Out On A Therapeutic Massage?

Massage is too often thought of as a luxury spa treatment, reserved only for the rich and affluent. But gradually, opinion is changing and coming around to the fact that massage is a core wellness practice that nobody should miss out on. Of course, prices continue to be a bar to many of us, but the more that it is judged an essential wellbeing practice, the more that home-made massage is becoming a hit. It’s cheap and easy to pick up such skills for yourself and share them with your family. Those who experience chronic pain of any kind benefit well from learning the basic techniques of self-massage.

Massage is a vital complementary technique for your whole physiology, to say nothing of the mental benefits. Working primarily on the muscles, massage restores them to their correct position. This is of vast benefit to those of us who regularly maintain an unhealthy posture – which means literally millions of us who operate a computer as the main tool in our occupation! Massage can actually guide the body out of developing a permanent bad posture or deformities such as ‘dowager’s hump’.

Massage also works to relax and soothe injured, tired and overused muscles. As part of an exercise routine the ability to experience deep bodily relaxation helps you build an extremely solid foundation for your bodily development. Similarly, occupational strain should be regularly relieved in order to prevent the later occurrence of conditions like Repetitive Strain Injury. The same applies to the health of your joints, where massage forms a vital part of therapy in relieving stiffness and restoring a full range of motion to those experiencing a past injury.

Overall complementary health benefits are also to be found in massage. It stimulates circulation in the body, which encourages a boosted amount of oxygen and nutrients to tissues and vital organs. This works especially well for the health of your skin, as blood flow is constantly encouraged towards the surface. Finally, the mental and emotional benefits of massage are in no dispute. Massage helps to release endorphins and stimulate serotonin level, providing a natural loving anti-depressant for the whole system. After all, is there anything on earth that feels better than a good massage?

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