How Can You Avoid Developing Diabetes During Pregnancy?

Diabetes is an epidemic that affects the wellbeing of people all over the world, regardless of whether it comes as an autoimmune disorder or from lifestyle and eating habits. However, you might not know this but there is a type of diabetes, aside from types 1 and 2 diabetes, that develops during pregnancy. This is known as gestational diabetes, and could affect the wellness of you and your baby.


Hundreds of thousands of women develop gestational diabetes, and unfortunately the reason for this is not quite clear. With gestational diabetes, your body still produces insulin, but it doesn’t make enough of it, or use it efficiently, and so higher levels of blood sugar accumulate in your bloodstream. This is a condition known as hyperglycaemia, and reducing your risk of this involves preparation before you even get pregnant.


If you are at high risk of gestational diabetes, you can take steps to reduce your risk and to monitor your blood sugar regularly for an early diagnosis. You may be at high risk if you are obese, have previously given birth to a large baby (nine pounds or greater), had gestational diabetes with a past pregnancy, have glycosuria (sugar in your urine) before or during pregnancy or have a strong family history of diabetes. Also, studies have shown that having a diet high in cholesterol and/or animal fat roughly doubles your risk of developing gestational diabetes.


Whether your risk of gestational diabetes is high or low, there are always measures you can take to prevent the disease from developing. Firstly, consult your doctor before you get pregnant and make a pregnancy plan to help you prepare yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally, which includes keeping your weight in a normal range before getting pregnant. Seek the advice of a nutritionist or dietician, as a healthy food plan will help you keep your blood sugar on target, supply you and your baby with sufficient nutrition and manage your weight, whilst a safe exercise programme is also important for diabetes prevention. Finally, get your blood sugar tested early, to see if it is on target, as early diagnosis can help you prevent the complications of gestational diabetes.

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