Supplementing Type Two Diabetes, What We Think We Know

Adjusting to the lifestyle changes necessitated by type two diabetes poses a difficult problem. Without making the adjustment the disease gets out of hand and ravages your body but if you do make the change, you can live a relatively normal life, providing you take the time to manage their condition. The changes a type two diabetic will need to make are big changes; you’ll have to totally change your life around and may well remove some of the things that you love in the process. However, when the choice is between your life and your favourite brand of fizzy drink I think the answer is pretty clear!
If you’re struggling to adopt the diabetic lifestyle and you need a little help then we’ve got just the thing for you. Dietary supplements can help make sure you’re getting all the vitamins and minerals you need, here’s a selection of those most useful to type two diabetics:


–       Chromium
Thought to help naturally lessen blood sugar levels, chromium is an essential trace mineral which you’d usually get from fish, fruits, vegetables and whole-grain breads.


–       Magnesium
Low levels of magnesium have been linked to poor insulin sensitivity and poor insulin production. Diabetics are often lacking in magnesium and as such a boost would be great! As well as helping to regulate your blood sugar levels, magnesium will also ensure healthy bones, blood pressure and muscle function.


–       Ginseng
There isn’t much in the way of research into ginseng’s positive benefits for diabetics. However in limited studies it was shown that, if a diabetic took ginseng around 45 minutes before eating they’d receive a much smaller spike in their blood sugar levels after the meal than they otherwise would. Ginseng can cause itching and insomnia if taken in abundance and should be avoided by people with sensitive skin or pre-existing issues sleeping.

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