Life-Changing Spiritual Resolutions For January

January is known to be the busiest month for gyms and complementary therapists alike. The beginning of each year sees us attempting to tighten our belts, only to discover a significantly different waistline to November’s! And it’s not just physical wellness that we all rush to work on in January. The beginning of the year offers the perfect time for reflection on all aspects of our health and wellbeing. After all, we all need to cultivate the New Year’s resolution of being true to ourselves and bravely taking steps towards our goals in life.


The world-renowned spiritual trainer Dr. Lisa Turner chose the perfect time to run her life coaching event in Windsor over the weekend. The three day ‘Spiritual Practitioner Secrets Live’ event is lauded as a life-changing training course providing pragmatic advice on how to live a more ‘tuned-in’ life. As Lisa Turner well knows, a more ‘tuned-in’ life means more than just inner calm and peace in connection with the universe. It also means forming the depth and breadth of vision necessary to realise your goals in life. As an expert in several areas of spiritual and esoteric knowledge, Lisa Turner continues to bring valuable guidance to those seeking to realise their full potential.


Her eclectic course includes how to use the Tarot for self-development, how to create a soul mate relationship, psychic diet, intuitive eating practice, and initiation into having your own guardian angel. Lisa Turner supports her excellent teaching style by channelling live from her own spiritual masters. She demonstrates her unique insight into spiritual life by giving her audience a few of the tools with which they can undertake their own journey, while humbly asking the universe for guidance. Her underlying ethos is about self-development and the key to the journey, as her own life proves, is positive thinking.


‘Spiritual Practitioner Secrets Live’ is a rare opportunity to adopt life-changing skills from a modern master of her arts. Those in attendance take a big leap of faith in Dr. Turner and her practices, and judging by past reports of her success, are sure to reap the benefits. More than just a sample of the spiritual experience, the event quite literally invests you with the skills to tap into spiritual power as you see fit. This triumph of positive thinking will allow you to transform the way you approach life challenges and spread your own sense of joy and atonement to those around you.

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